Here we collected all of the things you will need when your baby is born, both for you and your baby. Whether it's clothing, prams, or or breastfeeding-friendly clothing, you'll find practical tips, information, and checklists here to download with our complete range of products and personal recommendations.

Nesting... what is it?

The instinct for nesting during pregnancy can be just as strong in people as it is in our animal friends. Nesting is nature's way of preparing you to raise a child.

Nesting gives women a boost of energy in the last few weeks of pregnancy, encouraging them to prepare their own homes for the baby's arrival.


Newborn Essentials

Making a checklist of all of the essentials your newborn baby will really need is one of the most wonderful, yet overwhelming topics to explore as you approach your due date! There are as many opinions about it as there are guides, and everyone has something different to say. We think that doesn't have to be the case, because because a baby doesn't need much at the beginning - but the right things are absolutely essential.

Maternity fashion - What we like and what should you watch out for?

If it hasn't happened yet already, your stomach will slowly begin to bulge at around the 17th week of pregnancy. Your uterus is now the size of a small melon.

As with everything else, we have scoured all of the maternity fashion options for you. Sustainability within conventional maternity fashion is a current topic of debate because you will really only wear the clothes for a few weeks, i.e. until your child is born and you have found your way back to your comfortable weight.

Hospital bag checklist - what belongs in it and what doesn't?

Preparation is everything, especially when it comes to packing your hospital bag. We recommend having your bag ready to go by week 36 (if you're expecting multiples, by week 28) in the case that something suddenly happens. You will find our hospital bag products and essentials we recommend for you and your child here in the checklist available for download.

What you really need: The best tips caring for your new baby

Be honest: Choosing the right newborn essentials can be quite overwhelming - and the same applies to the right baby care items. The product range is vast, but not much is required at the very beginning. So before you buy all the oils, creams, and powders that are out there, we have rounded up some of the most important tips for good baby care for you.

Changing your baby

The changing essentials - what are they?

When it comes to changing your baby, our motto is “ less is more ”. Since you will be changing your baby constantly, the changing table or area should be comfortable for you and especially for your baby. If your baby finds changing diapers uncomfortable, this everyday activity can quickly become torture for everyone involved. Whether in the bathroom or in the baby's room, it doesn't matter. Wherever you end up changing diapers, it's most important that your child is comfortable and warm.

Your baby's sleep: Things to know & equipment

At the end of the day, you and your partner get to decide how and where your baby will sleep. Of course, the prerequisite is always the space in your apartment or house.

Since your child has slept in your body for the last 9 months, it definitely makes sense for it to sleep not too far away from you in the weeks and months following birth. A child whose needs are met sleeps well. This includes being tired, being full, being warm, and needing the protection of a familiar person (that's you)


How do you find the right stroller?

There are countless strollers out there, making it hard to keep track. Often, the brands on the market are not even that different. Therefore, we don't recommend a specific brand to you. Instead, we provide you with a catalog of questions, which, based on our personal experience, we wish we'd had before we got a stroller and car seat:

Basically, when choosing a stroller, you should always make sure it has good suspension and a soft mattress. Your child will be lying there frequently and for extended periods, so they should be comfortable.

Why is this important?

  1. If you're frequently on the road with your car, you should ensure both the stroller and the car seat are compatible. This doesn't mean they need to be from the same company. Therefore, make sure the baby carrier for the car fits onto the stroller's frame. There are special adapters for this, and it's definitely worth considering. This way, you reduce the carrying time (baby carriers for cars are heavy) and you won't have to wake your child every time they fall asleep in the car. Instead, you can conveniently place the car seat's baby carrier onto the stroller frame.
  2. If you frequently need to dismantle and assemble the stroller to lift it in and out of the car, you should pay attention to the following. Some strollers are quite heavy, and if you need to lift it multiple times a day, you should choose a lightweight model. This is especially essential after a cesarean section. Always also focus on the ease of assembly. As parents, you always feel pressed for time; lengthy assembly is stressful and should be avoided. It's best to test this in a local store.

Will you have to carry the stroller up any stairs or can it be stored in your hallway? Does your building have an elevator?

Again, weight here plays a huge role and the price of the stroller is a cause for concern, too, if the stroller will stay locked in the hallway.

By car or with the stroller? If it's the latter, you'll need extra storage space for bags at the bottom of your stroller.

Can your stroller's baby seat convert to a buggy?

All strollers are not created equal, and the price can vary quite a bit. The requirements for a buggy are different than for the baby seat. If you only want to pay once, you should also think about the long-term use of convertible options.

Especially during the summer months, and with the rising temperatures we experience, it makes sense for the stroller to have good ventilation to prevent heat buildup inside.

Regarding the canopy, you should always ensure it's sufficiently large so that you can adequately shield your child, protecting them from direct sunlight. UV protection in the material is definitely a significant advantage, as you'll want to protect your child not only from the sun but also from the harmful UV rays

You should also keep travel in mind.

It is so important to test whatever you're going to buy in the store beforehand. Don't let them demonstrate, but be sure to test it yourself. Assembling the stroller, removing the child seat from the Iso-Fix, lifting the frame, etc. You will have the stroller for a very long time and if you want to have more children, then you'll have it even longer. So it really makes sense to spend a lot of time on this topic, especially strollers can be such expensive and long-term investments.

With sustainability at the top of our list in everything we do, we checked out many manufacturers.

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