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This is the place where you will find an open ear for all your questions about becoming a parent, here you will find a lovingly put together initial set and well thought-out product that you and your child need at the beginning of life. Expertise instead of frills. Guidance instead of being overwhelmed. Welcome to Babybox & Family.

"What kind of clothes does my child need?" What should I have ready for my first weeks postpartum? Am I the only one who feels this way? How can such a little being be so complicated - or are we overcomplicating things?

Why is there so much information out there, yet it's often hard to find what's truly needed? And why do we sometimes lose trust in our own instincts during pregnancy? Thankfully, Marina had Sissi, her midwife and co-founder, by her side. Sissi quickly helped her gather the essentials and provided reassuring and helpful answers to all her questions.

Marina realized back then that everything she truly needed could fit into one box. With Sissi's expert guidance, she learned to distinguish between essential advice and unnecessary extras.

Not every expectant mother is fortunate enough to have a midwife like Sissi. Marina and Sissi wanted to share the sense of clarity and security they found, creating a place where high-quality products and answers are readily available.

In the fast-paced world of fast fashion and Dr. Google, Marina and Sissi created a haven for expectant parents seeking expertise, quality, durability, and sustainability.

Marina and Sissi's goal? To bring traditional wisdom into the modern era, crafting products with meticulous attention to detail using natural, high-quality materials, all designed to be continually improved upon by other moms like you.

The return to natural origins, the yearning for minimalism and quality, is reflected in the new Babybox and Family logo.

Here, you'll find a supportive resource for all your questions about parenthood, as well as lovingly curated sets for newborn essentials and well-thought-out products that both you and your child will need at the beginning of this incredible journey. It's more about expertise rather than frills, and guidance instead of feeling overwhelmed. Welcome to Babybox & Family.


Marina Swart


"You don't need a lot in the beginning, just the right things!"

Marina brings valuable business expertise to the Babybox & Family team. She has an extensive background in various management roles within a large corporation, both domestically and abroad. As the 'Mother of Business & Fashion,' she spearheads all business-related matters and contributes to the ongoing growth of Babybox & Family. Marina is a loving mother to two sons, Noah and Liam. She's an expert in the realm of baby gear and, through the development of the Babybox Collection, she brings her personal style to the company and the realm of newborn essentials. Marina is dedicated to sourcing sensible and sustainable children's clothing, offering you firsthand maternal insights and tips. 'It's important to me that we not only offer beautiful products but that they are as pure as the babies who wear them. That's why we need to consider the entire supply chain, all the way down from the well-being of the sheep providing the wool to the final piece of clothing in our store. If the sheep aren't thriving, then it's not suitable for our baby and kids' clothing.


Sissi Rasche

Midwife & Babybox Mother of Care & Fashion

"Dress your child in wool, even in summer!"

Sissi is not only an experienced mother of four, but is also a passionate midwife with years of experience. Her professional background has made her well-versed in the specific needs for baby clothing, and she understands precisely what little ones require. Beyond her midwifery practice, it has always been a personal mission of hers to provide comprehensive support to 'her' mothers, going beyond the conventional midwifery scope of pregnancy and childbirth. She offers meticulous advice on finding the right newborn essentials, recognizing that babies need real assistance in temperature regulation, given their sensitivity and delicate skin. Fit and materials are of the utmost importance. Sissi is the ultimate expert at Babybox & Family, and curates the products available in our store and online shop. And, of course, everything needs to look incredibly adorable... Who can resist the look of bloomers over warm tights? Our 'Mother of Care & Fashion' is a proud parent to four children: Hugo, Cléo, Lilo, and Pippa. She also serves as the brand ambassador for Lillydoo's skin-friendly diapers.

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The Babybox Collection

As mothers and midwives, we understand the significance of a baby's first moments of life. With this knowledge and our combined experience, we've developed the Babybox Collection and the Babybox Handmade Collection. Each piece in our collection reflects our commitment to quality, sustainability, and attention to detail.

Pure, natural materials: Our collections feature 100% pure and natural fabrics exclusively. This is not only the promise we make to nature but also the one we make to the delicate skin of our babies, deserving of special care and comfort.

Ethics and sustainability: We care deeply about ethically producing every item. We take a clear stance against 'Mulesing' and select wool that's sourced without this painful practice being used. Furthermore, we proudly manufacture under fair conditions, supporting European craftsmanship.

Durability and fit: Babies grow quickly, and their clothing should be able to keep up. Our sizes and cuts are designed to be durable and adaptable to your child's changing needs. We want you to enjoy our pieces for as long as possible.

Our Babybox Collections are a testament to our love and care – for your little ones and for our planet.