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Our Personal Highlights – Sustainable Gifts

Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy. We believe that gifts should not only bring joy but also have a positive impact on our environment. That's why we have carefully curated a selection of gift ideas that impress not only with their design and functionality but also with their durability and sustainability.

Our selection for you:

When putting together our sustainable gift ideas, we place great importance on practicality, beauty, and high quality. Whether it's toys that "grow" with your child, clothing made from eco-friendly materials, or handcrafted unique pieces that become cherished keepsakes – with us, you will find the perfect gift that is good for both the recipient and our planet.

Discover Nomadi: Rent Toys, Share Joy!

In a rapidly changing world, one thing remains constant: the joy our children experience when playing. But what if we could combine this joy with caring for our planet? This is where Nomadi comes in – your innovative solution to enjoy high-quality toys sustainably.

Why Choose Nomadi?

  • Rent instead of buy: Explore our diverse selection of toys that will make every child's heart beat faster. From the first cuddly toy to the most complex building sets – at Nomadi, you will find toys for all ages and tastes.
  • Flexibility: Has your child lost interest in a toy or outgrown it? Just return it! This keeps your home free from unused toys and actively contributes to waste reduction.
  • Option to buy: Has a toy become an indispensable companion? No problem! With Nomadi, you can easily and conveniently purchase it to keep it in the family forever.

Exclusive Offer for You:

We know that every step towards sustainability counts. That's why we want to bring you a little joy: Use the code BABYBOX10 to get a 10% discount on your order at Nomadi.

Dive into the world of Nomadi, where sustainability meets playfulness. Together, we can make a difference – for our children and our planet.

Suitable from 2 Years


The Play Sofa from Wonderwuzz is a must-have for the whole family. It's a multifunctional piece of furniture that can quickly transform into a cave, an obstacle course with crawling and jumping, or a cozy reading spot. The sofa will grow with your children, from their first crawling attempts, to slumber parties, and all the way through the teenage years. With an additional module, even adult guests can spend the night on it comfortably.

With the code: BABYBOX50, you'll get 50€ off on orders of 345€ or more.

Our Babybox Gift Ideas

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Aumio - Mental Well-Being from Childhood On

Children experience so much every day that it's sometimes hard for them to calm down and process it all in the evening. Now there is something great to help you and your children - the Aumio app.

Aumio believes that prioritizing mental health from childhood is essential, and we're fully aligned with that belief. With Aumio stories, relaxation exercises, and meditations, children can enhance their awareness of both mental and physical well-being. By doing so, they not only benefit in the present but also lay a foundation for their future. After all, sustainable well-being necessitates taking the right steps early on. As an exclusive offer for you...

Because we at Babybox are completely sold on Aumio and have come to adore the app ourselves, we're eager to extend the opportunity to you. Simply use the code BABYBOX to enjoy a 10% discount on Aumio's annual subscription. And for the baby app, you'll receive an exclusive 30% discount. Together, let's pave the way for a mentally healthy future for our children.

Suitable from 1 year

hörbert - The Sustainable Music Box for Kids

Finding a music player made from less plastic is impossible! hörbert is a sustainable music player for children that boasts robust construction, easy operation, and the ability to play your own content. This is one of our absolute favorite products.

Suitable from 1 year

The Play Kitchen that Turns Into a Shelf

Check out what we stumbled upon from the Berlin label, Stocubo - a play kitchen that transforms into a shelf! Once your child outgrows the play phase, simply expand the modules to create a useful shelf. We're all about clever and enduring solutions like this!

Suitable from 0 Years

Contrast Cards from Hanniline

Suitable for 0-2 Years, just €17.90!

Suitable from 3 months and up, only €17.90!

Suitable for 6 months and up, only €17.90!

from 1 year

StrollMe - Gifts for Rent

At StrollMe, we offer more than just stroller and bicycle rentals; we've expanded our selection to include toys as well! Understanding that children's needs and interests evolve rapidly, StrollMe introduces a flexible solution: you have the freedom to switch to a different product every three months, with no restrictions tied to minimum rental periods. We're thrilled about this innovative concept, designed to keep pace with your child's growth and changing preferences!

MODU Dreamer Set

from €10.50/month

JUPIDUU Jumpspot

starting at €10.50/month

JUPIDUU Kids Slide

from €10.50/month

from 1 year

Lettox - The box that can!

Keeping a child's room tidy can be a constant challenge. That's why we're excited to recommend these versatile storage boxes crafted in Germany. Not only are they visually appealing, but they're also durable enough to serve as seating. Plus, they're recyclable, reflecting LETTOX's dedication to a sustainable future.

At Babybox, we're passionate about the magic of reading aloud. It's our special time to unwind before bed, diving into stories that light up the imagination. Every storytime is a chance for us as parents to learn something new and to see the world anew through our children's eyes. That's why we're huge advocates for Librio's personalized children's books—they're a treasure we couldn't resist including in our gift guide. And if you're yet to discover Librio, they create captivating books for children aged 0-9 years. Trust us, your little ones are going to adore them.


We adore Stapelstein® products for their boundless versatility and the way they unleash the imagination. These innovative pieces offer a canvas of creative freedom that's crucial for unlocking a child's potential. With Stapelstein®, children and adults alike can effortlessly bring their own ideas to life, discovering endless ways to play and move their bodies.

The Original Set, from €175

Inside Rainbow from €94.95

Balance Boards from €39.95