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Maternity fashion: What we recommend and what you can pay attention to


From about the 17th week of pregnancy, if not already done, your belly will slowly bulge. Your uterus is now the size of a small melon and your pants are starting to not fit anymore.

As with everything, we took a look for you to see what options there are when it comes to maternity fashion. The topic of sustainability in maternity fashion is such a thing, since you will apparently only wear the clothes for a few weeks, i.e. until your child is born and you have found your way back to your feel-good weight.

When it comes to maternity fashion, as with everything else, it feels like there are super cheap clothes, which is also reflected in the quality, or super price-intensive, where you seriously have to ask yourself whether it's worth the investment, since the clothes only last a few weeks can be worn. Precisely because your body is changing so much, it is important that you continue to feel comfortable in your own skin and also have the feeling that you can continue to do whatever you want to do.

A great alternative, we think, is The Mama Set's collection. Here, maternity fashion has been thought through from AZ and designed in a stylishly simple look. The clothes fit before, during and especially after pregnancy and the basics can be wonderfully combined with everything in your wardrobe.

We especially like the leggings. These leggings adapt perfectly to the changes in your body all the time. It not only supports your legs, but also gives your ever-growing belly a stable hold thanks to the envelope. Which helps reduce symphysis strain and saves you from wearing an abdominal belt for long periods of time. After the birth you turn up the belly seam, which also gives you a pleasant stability after the birth, which makes you forget the empty stomach. Plus, should you have put on the wrong breastfeeding top, the belly seam will cover your stomach, which many don't want to put on display after the birth.

The Essential Collection from The Mama Set can be found under the link below. But The Mama Set also has a lot more to offer. If you fancy simple basics for before, during and after pregnancy, we can only recommend taking a look at Cynthia's online shop "The Mama Set". It's worth it and we love it!


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