Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sustainability at BabyBox & Family: Natural Materials, Quality Products, and Environmental Consciousness. Sustainability is at the core of our values at BabyBox & Family. We believe that it's not only good for the environment but also the best choice for parents and their children. Here are some principles that shape our sustainable philosophy:

  1. Natural Materials:

Whenever possible, all our products are made from natural materials. We consciously choose fabrics and materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also gentle on a baby's delicate skin. We believe that using natural materials positively impacts the well-being of both parents and children.

2. High-Quality

Products for Generations: Sustainability, to us, also means offering high-quality products that can be passed down from generation to generation. We prioritize durability and timeless design so that our products not only last long but are also cherished and handed down.

3. Minimalist Packaging:

Another focus is on minimal packaging. Our products don't come in laminated plastic bags but in eco-friendly boxes. These boxes can be repurposed, for example, as diaper storage boxes, promoting reduced packaging waste and reusability.

4. European Production:

All our products are manufactured in Europe. We opt for short production routes to reduce our carbon footprint. Regional production allows us to adhere to strict quality standards while minimizing environmental impact.

5. Merino Wool and Its Benefits:

When it comes to wool, we make a clear distinction between 'new wool' and premium 'Merino wool.' Merino wool, sourced from Merino sheep, is known for its exceptional softness and fineness. Our products made from Merino wool offer unparalleled comfort and are a sustainable choice. We use exclusively 'mulesing-free' wool.

6. GOTS Certification:

We strive to have a significant portion of our BabyBox products GOTS-certified. This certification ensures that products adhere to strict ecological and social criteria, guaranteeing environmentally friendly and fair manufacturing practices.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how we can become even more sustainable? Feel free to email us. We look forward to hearing from you!