First aid for babies & toddlers

Children's health is one of the most valuable things we have. To help you feel confident in this area, we are starting this page to introduce you to important tips, experiences, products, and experts in this field whom we trust and follow. This topic is vast, so please understand that we are still at the very beginning.

The Poison Control Center

Accidental poisonings in young children happen more frequently than you might think.

Children explore their environment as part of their normal, natural development. They learn new things by playing with them - trying to open containers, mimicking what they see in siblings or adults, and putting almost everything in their mouths. This can lead to children accidentally drinking, spilling on their skin, spraying in their eyes, or inhaling substances that can poison them. Young children cannot differentiate between what's safe and what's dangerous, so it's your responsibility to childproof your home.

A child can also be poisoned by taking the wrong medication or an incorrect dosage of medication. Always check the age and dosage instructions before giving your child any medication.

If you suspect that your child has come into contact with a poison or has ingested the wrong medication or dosage, don't wait for symptoms to appear. Call the poison control center immediately at (Phone number) and seek advice. Poison control centers are available for acute poisoning cases at all times. You will receive further information and guidance on how to handle the situation. You can find a complete list of all poison control centers here: (Link to the list)

Travel Pharmacy with Baby and Toddler: What You Really Need!

Foto Produkte aus der Reiseapotheke für Baby und Kind

Even on vacation, accidents can happen – it’s good to have a well-thought-out travel pharmacy always at hand. This is especially true when traveling to countries where you don't speak the language or where the infrastructure isn't as developed as we are used to. Having products that you are familiar with and that are recommended by your doctor provides a sense of calm.

Checking the local emergency numbers and how to get to the nearest hospital at the beginning of a trip can also reduce stress in case of an emergency.

We have compiled for you what is included in our travel pharmacies for babies and toddlers, why these items are included, and what we sometimes carry in our hand luggage.

Foto mit Kinderarm, der mit Sonnencreme eingerieben wird und jeweils drei unterschiedliche Sonnencremes von Naif


Sonnencreme für empfindliche Baby- und Kinderhaut

Foto mit Kinderarm, der mit Sonnencreme eingerieben wird und jeweils drei unterschiedliche Sonnencremes von Naif

Sommer, Sonne, .... eincremen. Wir sind für euch mal in die Welt der Sonnencremes eingetaucht und haben die wichtigsten Fakten beim Sonnencreme Kauf einmal aufgelistet.

Und natürlich gibt es auch eine persönliche Produktempfehlung mit Code für euch. Schaut in unserem Artikel rein und lest, was wichtig ist.


Why You Shouldn't Skip Vitamin D Supplementation Even in Summer

Baby bekommt Vitamin D mit einer Pipette verabreicht.

Quite simply, we looked at how much time our children spend in the sun, how and when, and found that, due to our behavior patterns, they actually have no chance of producing enough vitamin D on their own. Read for yourselves what we have discovered.

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First Aid for Children

If a child is in an emergency situation, it is important to provide help as quickly as possible and seek assistance. Since a child's body is still developing and is more sensitive and compact than that of an adult, first aid for children requires different knowledge and techniques. This is especially true for pediatric CPR, as it significantly differs from that of adults.

Nobody likes to think that their child could be in an emergency situation. However, knowing how to act correctly in such situations is crucial, as this knowledge can save lives in case of an emergency. The most important information and skills can be learned in a first aid course. Such a course should be completed during pregnancy and in the early years of your child's life. A first aid course is essential for gaining the necessary confidence to act correctly in an emergency.

The company 12minutes has developed an online first aid course that includes various modules to cover the most important emergencies involving children. This course provides guidance and support for the right actions and behaviors in emergency situations. With this course, you can learn flexibly and refresh your knowledge every three years to be well-prepared for emergencies. The course is well-structured and even includes a training manikin and a small handbook.

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