Welcome to family life! Perhaps you have been following us for a while and have already gone through the stages of pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period with us. Here you will find information and tips about family life that we have gathered from our own experiences. As with all our information, this section does not claim to be exhaustive and is based on our knowledge and experiences. You can always leave us comments below with ideas for new topics that we can include here. Have fun browsing!


Co-Parenting: How the dream of motherhood can come true even without a stable partner

There aren't too many options today for having a child when a partner is absent. In addition to adoption, co-parenting is also an option, which we believe is a great alternative. Katja chose this option and fulfilled her dream of becoming a mother. She tells us in the interview how she came to this decision and the highs and lows she experienced on her journey.

Sex Talk: 6 Dinge, die dein sexuelles Selbst nach einer Geburt herausfordern

Ein Thema über das die wenigsten sprechen, aber welches fast jede Frau betrifft. Wir haben Amelie Boehm, Sexologin und Mama in einer Interview Reihe darüber gesprochen, wie du hier wieder einen guten Einstieg finden kannst.


Baby Food - How does it work and what do I need to watch out for?

When it comes to introducing solid food, there are just as many opinions as there are about baby sleep. Here, too, we say very clearly, trust your gut feeling and your child's signals. And take a look at the solid food online course by the lovely Kareen Dannhauer.

Our parental leave model - redesigned four times

Bei all unseren Überlegungen haben wir uns stets an dem orientiert, was am passendsten für unsere Arbeitgeber wäre. Als uns das klar wurde, haben wir den Fokus geändert.


Aumio - Mental health from a young age

Children experience so much every day that sometimes it's difficult for them to unwind in the evening and process everything. Now, there's something fantastic that can help you and your children with this – the Aumio App.

Aumio believes that mental health should be a topic from a
very young age, and we completely agree with that. With Aumio stories, relaxation exercises, and meditations, children can strengthen their awareness of their mental and physical well-being. This helps them in
the here and now and prepares them for the future because sustainable well-being requires proper care.

Since we have been using the app ourselves for a while and love it, we have received a code from Aumio for you, which will save you 20% on the annual subscription.


Lieblinge - Healthy Feet

We talked with Nadine and Oliver from Lieblinge Berlin about healthy feet and asked them what to consider when buying the first shoes and how to recognize a good shoe.


New Baby, New Job, and Still Work-Life Balance? Interview with the Senior Customer Experience Manager at ooia

We asked Carolin Pabst how she manages to achieve this.

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