What characterizes children's shoes based on the barefoot principle?

With many crawling shoes that have a "fashionable" pointed shape, the big toe is pushed inward. This permanently prevents the development of a stable posture. It is absolutely essential that shoes do not put pressure on the little feet and that their natural, anatomical shape is protected. The big toe remains straight and is not pushed outward (towards the second toe). Without this anchor position of the big toe, the longitudinal arch is not properly developed, and the foot is unstable. This can even happen with socks if they are not "naturally foot-shaped" in the toe area.

The foot muscles are stimulated to work, and the arches of the foot are tensed. The foot becomes strong and remains healthy. The weight is optimally distributed. Experiencing freedom of movement and ground sensation affects the entire organism and psyche. Long-term studies impressively demonstrate this.

Children's shoes should only be a soft shell that protectively surrounds the little feet, without stiff support elements and "non-foot-shaped" form. Shoes with stiff heel caps and support elements keep your child's feet artificially straight, passively like a corset. With a soft children's shoe, the muscles can take on this work. Only in this way can the foot develop naturally and strongly.


The sole of the foot is the most absorbent part of the body. Harmful substances can enter the bodies of children directly through it. Lieblinge® places special emphasis on natural, tested, and certified materials from trustworthy, transparent sources that are directly sourced from owner-operated, regional businesses in Germany.

Ansicht Messkit Zeichnung für Laufstarter von Liebling


Measuring Kit Shoe Size

Determine the correct size

So that you can easily and safely measure the correct children's shoe size at home, Lieblinge has created a great measuring kit for you.

Simply print out the measuring kit for children's shoes, follow the instructions, and you can independently determine the correct children's shoe size.

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Healthy Feet from the Start - Interview with Lieblinge

Lieblinge ökologische  Lauflernschuhe schadstofffrei Dessertboots  für Laufstarter Ansicht mit Naturkautschuksohle  #farbe_altrosa

We talked with Nadine and Oliver from Lieblinge Berlin about healthy feet and asked them what to look for when buying the first shoes and how to recognize a good shoe.

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