Gift Ideas for Parents

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Since sustainability is at the core of our values, we've curated a selection of wonderful gift ideas for you. These items are not just beautiful, but are also practical and long-lasting. They're designed to either be passed down to siblings or other children, 'grow with you,' or serve as a unique keepsake for both you and your children.


Memories for Moms

Here at Babybox, we're passionate about supporting brands that prioritize sustainability, and stilnest is no exception. Their commitment to responsible use of our planet's resources shines through in every piece of jewelry they create. Each item is carefully made to order, minimizing environmental impact during production and shipping. We're truly impressed by the stilnest collection, where craftsmanship meets conscience. Crafted from high-quality, fair, and recycled materials, these pieces are designed to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Ketten von Stilnest aus Gold mit Initialien

Monogrammed Jewelry

Ketten aus Gold von Stilnest mit Zodiac Zeichen

Zodiac Jewelry

Grafurketten aus Gold

Engraved Jewelry

Babybox Ideas for Mamas

Vouchers that inspire

Gone are the days of uninspired gifts! Vouchers? We're here to flip that notion on its head. They're not just a last-minute resort; they're the ultimate present of choice, freedom, and versatility. Think about it - with vouchers, you're giving the gift of endless possibilities. Who wouldn't want that?

Foto Babybox Gutscheinkarte

Babybox Voucher

We send handwritten vouchers for your loved ones.

12Minutes Erste Hilfe für Kinder Logo in weiß

First Aid Course

This is a voucher that can save lives! All expectant parents can rest easy with this gift. Psst - you'll save 10% off your purchase with the code BABYBOX.

Foto einer Werbeanzeige von Mothers Finest Wochenbettlieferservice

Postpartum Care - Mothers Finest

Indulge in freshly prepared, certified organic meals tailored for pregnancy and postpartum, conveniently delivered straight to your doorstep across Europe. Elevate the gifting game with the perfect present for new parents-to-be.