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Our primary goal is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of all relevant products and services for pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the time with your child. Although we can't carry every product directly in our online store, we collaborate with select brands that we have personally vetted and tested. Based on our positive experiences, we are happy to recommend these brands to you. Furthermore, we've arranged special discount codes for some of these brands, allowing you to save on your purchases. You can always find the latest codes on our website.

Produktabbildung NAIF mineralische Sonnencreme für Babys und Kinder mit LSF 50 in der Tube und als Stick


Mineral sunscreen

Produktabbildung NAIF mineralische Sonnencreme für Babys und Kinder mit LSF 50 in der Tube und als Stick

NAIF offers mineral sunscreen without fragrance and preservatives. If you want to learn more about the key points of sunscreen, read our article on sunscreen for sensitive baby and children's skin.

With the code BABYBOX10, you can save 10% on all NAIF products until the end of August.

12Minutes Erste Hilfe für Kinder Logo in weiß


First Aid Online Course

12Minutes Erste Hilfe für Kinder Logo in weiß

A first aid course is an essential part of pregnancy and life with children for us. 12minutes offers an online first aid course specifically for newborns and toddlers, which we highly recommend to you. It was developed by Annalena and Lukas, who are not only emergency doctors but also parents.

Benefit from a 10% discount on the course with our code:


The Mama Set

Maternity Fashion

We are thrilled by the classic and timeless designs of The Mama Set. What particularly fascinates us is the versatility of the fashion: it can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy without looking like typical maternity wear.

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Foto einer Frau im Still BH


Nursing Bras & Postpartum Underwear

Foto einer Frau im Still BH

ooia supports you during pregnancy and breastfeeding with innovative nursing bras and supportive postpartum underwear. We are big fans of ooia because the underwear is so versatile, and you can also use it as menstrual underwear before and after pregnancy or postpartum

With the code BABYBOX, you save 10% on orders over 25 euros.

Screenshot der Aumio App


Aumio - Mental health from an early age

Screenshot der Aumio App

Discover Aumio: Playful Calm for Your Children

In a world full of adventures, children often find it hard to relax in the evening. The Aumio app is our discovery for you! Aumio is dedicated to mental health from the very beginning – an approach we fully support. Through stories, relaxation exercises, and meditations, Aumio enhances self-awareness and promotes the physical and mental well-being of your children.

We have been using Aumio for a while now and are thrilled. Therefore, we are excited to offer you an exclusive 30% discount on the annual subscription with the code BABYBOX until May 31, 2024. Give your children the gifts of calm and mindfulness – with Aumio.

Nomadi Holzkueche in rose mit Kind


Nomadi: Rent sustainable toys and save

Nomadi Holzkueche in rose mit Kind

With Nomadi, you can rent and share high-quality toys to combine playtime joy and environmental protection. Discover toys for all ages, enjoy the flexibility of renting, and purchase your favorites if needed. Use the code BABYBOX10 for a 10% discount, and take the first step toward more sustainable play.

Wonderwuzz Sofa als Zweisitzer in einer beerigen Farbe mit drei spielenden Kindern.



Wonderwuzz Sofa als Zweisitzer in einer beerigen Farbe mit drei spielenden Kindern.

The Wonderwuzz play sofa is a special highlight for the whole family. A multifunctional piece of furniture that can quickly transform into a cave, a crawling or jumping course, or a cozy reading nook. The sofa grows with the children, from their first crawling attempts to teen sleepovers. With an additional module, even adult guests can sleep comfortably on it.

Use the code BABYBOX50 to save 50 euros on orders over 345 euros.

Kontrastkarten von Hanniline für Kinder ab 1 Monat.



Kontrastkarten von Hanniline für Kinder ab 1 Monat.

Kennt ihr schon die Kontraskarten von HANNIline?HANNIline steht für pädagogisch wertvolles Spielzeug, das Freude macht und auf die natürlichen Bedürfnisse und Fähigkeiten von Babys und Kindern zugeschnitten ist.

Mit den babygerechten Kontrastkarten weckst du die Neugier deines Babys, legst den Grundstein für die künftige Sprachentwicklung und stärkst dabei spielerisch eure Bindung.

Bei der Entwicklung unserer Produkte, setzen wir auf natürliche, hochwertige und vor allem sichere Materialien und Rohstoffe aus kontrolliertem und zertifiziertem Anbau. Unsere Produkte werden ausschließlich in der EU produziert.

Wir freuen euch sehr, das wir euch die Kontraskarten von HANNIline mit einem Code anbieten dürfen.

Mit unsere spart ihr 10% auf eure Bestellung.

Code: babybox10


Books that spark the imagination

We are big fans of Librio's personalized children's books and love our shared reading time. We are therefore very excited to offer you a code from Librio. Your children will love it.

With our code BABYBOX20, you save 20% on your purchase.

Grafurketten aus Gold


Memories for the Mom

Grafurketten aus Gold

The jewelry label stilnest is committed to responsible use of our planet's natural resources. To make production and shipping as environmentally conscious as possible, each piece of jewelry is made to order. We love the Stilnest collection. Each piece is crafted for you from high-quality, fair, and recycled materials to accompany you for a lifetime.

With our code, you save 10% on the purchase of engraved jewelry, zodiac jewelry, and jewelry with initials.


Bild mit einer Dose Matcha

Health Bar

Matcha - the Coffee Alternative

Bild mit einer Dose Matcha

We love everything about the concept of Health Bar and personally find that Matcha is a wonderful alternative to coffee, as this superfood can do so much more. (Feel free to read our magazine article: "Matcha – the Coffee Alternative.") We are therefore excited to bring you a code that might entice you to try Matcha, and Nancy is the perfect place for it. Enjoy!

With the code BABYBOX15, you save 15% on your purchase at Health Bar (excluding subscriptions, sets, and vouchers).


Coffee enjoyment without caffeine

And for those who don't want to miss out on the taste of coffee, we have another great alternative – Alrighty's decaffeinated coffee. Enjoy the full coffee experience without too much caffeine. Try it out, it's worth it. With our code BABYBOX10, you save 10% on your purchase.