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Beissring Igel Grimms

Teething ring hedgehog

Sale price11,00 €
Babybox and Family BabyBox Collection Hasen Schnuffeltuch aus Bio-Baumwolle - Neue Farben tan-bbc #farbe_
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Wooden Ball Grasping Toy in Pastel Tones
Babybox and Family KAUMARIE KAUMARIE anna-rose-half-circle #farbe_


Sale price21,00 €


Sale price14,99 €
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Kugelgreifling natur Store Grimms

Natural ball gripper

Sale price16,95 €
Rasselfisch Wilma Grimms

Rattlefish Wilma

Sale price16,95 €
Rasselfisch Grimms

Fish Rattle Moby

Sale price17,95 €

Contrast Cards from HANNIline

Have you heard about the contrast cards from HANNIline? HANNIline stands for educationally valuable toys that bring joy and are tailored to the natural needs and abilities of babies and children. With baby-friendly contrast cards, you can spark your baby's curiosity, lay the foundation for future language development, and playfully strengthen your bond. In developing our products, we rely on natural, high-quality, and above all, safe materials and raw materials from controlled and certified cultivation. Our products are exclusively produced in the EU.

We are very pleased to offer you the contrast cards from HANNIline with a discount code.

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