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Tooth cleaning during pregnancy


Optimal oral hygiene is generally recommended in every situation in life - but you should definitely pay attention to it if you are pregnant.

The hormonal change in your body means that you are particularly susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis. The tissue loosens to prepare and facilitate the birth process. However, this does not only affect the tissue in the birth canal but affects all tissues in the body and especially the oral cavity.

This makes it much easier for disease-causing bacteria to penetrate through the gums and cause gingivitis and/or bleeding gums. In addition, bacteria from the oral cavity can be transmitted to your baby via your bloodstream (medically called bacteremia).

Scientific studies have even shown that the risk of a premature birth is increased by about seven times if the mother-to-be has periodontal disease (inflammation of the periodontium) during pregnancy.

From now on, oral hygiene at home is mandatory for you (if you haven't done it before) and you should definitely plan to go to the teeth cleaning twice during the pregnancy. It is advisable to make an appointment after the 13th week of pregnancy and then again between the 25th and 35th week of pregnancy .