Finding a suitable gift for a birth can indeed be challenging, especially if you're not well-versed in this area. There are a few points to consider when selecting a gift.

What to Avoid:

  1. Choosing the Smallest Size Clothing: Gifting clothing in the smallest size often doesn't make sense because expectant parents usually prepare for this themselves. An exception is if the parents specifically asked for it or if you find it on their baby registry.
  2. Mittens and Hats: Items like mittens and hats can be tricky to gift since parents often prefer to select these themselves.
  3. Printed Cotton or Synthetic Clothing: It's advisable to avoid clothing made of printed cotton or synthetic materials, as these may not be suitable for a newborn's sensitive skin.
  4. Baby Care Products: Baby care products can be a very personal choice, and it's often best to avoid gifting these unless you are certain about the parents' preferences or have been instructed by a doctor to do so.

It always makes sense to ask the expectant parents for their preferences or any specific needs they may have.

However, if you don't want to delve deeply into the topic or lack time, here are some general suggestions for gifts that would likely be appreciated:

  • Gift Cards: This allows the parents to choose what they need or prefer.
  • Diapers and Wipes: These are practical and always in demand.
  • Baby Gear: Consider items like strollers, car seats, or baby carriers if you're closer to the parents and know their needs.
  • Books: Baby books are a thoughtful and educational gift.
  • Meal Delivery Service: After the birth, cooking can be a challenge, so a meal delivery service can be a great gift.
  • Babysitting Offer: Offer to babysit or provide some assistance once the baby arrives.
  • Personalized Gifts: Items like personalized blankets, onesies, or wall art can be cherished keepsakes.

Ultimately, it's essential to consider the preferences of the expectant parents and the practicality of the gift. Your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated, whether it's a gift for the baby, the mom, or the entire family.

Gifts for the child's birth

Here you'll find a selection of clothing and ready-made sets for the child that you can't go wrong with.

Our Photographer Recommendations

A Gift for Life

Whether it's maternity, birth, or family photography, it's a gift for a lifetime. One of our absolute top recommendations is to gift a photoshoot or a voucher for maternity, birth, or family photography. The parents will love it.

Images as genuine as life itself: Family reports by Cindy & Kay

With our documentary-style family photos, we capture real life in everyday family life, during the time with a baby bump, postpartum, or even during birth. Family documentary, postpartum documentary, birth documentary.

And the great thing is, these two travel all across Germany for you!

@Chiara Douven

Chiara Doveri

Hi, I'm Chiara, an Italian, a mother of two, and I work as a family photographer in Berlin. My photographic passions are birth and family documentaries. I aim to authentically capture and preserve families, moments, special emotions, and moods, which will inevitably pass even though we want to hold onto them forever. Since becoming a mother myself, I understand even more what matters in family photography: it's not about capturing the brightest and best photo but about finding the beauty in family life, in the daily chaos, and behind the piles of laundry. Being a family has nothing to do with glamour and perfection. It's exciting, complex, and multi-dimensional. I want to tell exactly that story with my pictures.

Gina Walkowiak

That's a lovely introduction! It seems like you're a 29-year-old mom since May 2021 to an energetic little one. You, your husband, and your son enjoy traveling, even though it's a different experience with a child. You like visiting markets and strolling through Berlin together. You've been a self-employed photographer specializing in families, couples, and weddings since 2017. Since June 2022, you have a solid collaboration with midwife Sissi Rasche and have had the privilege of accompanying her on postpartum visits and even a belly birth, among other things. It sounds like you have a fulfilling and busy life. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!


Mr Starsky

A wonderful birth gift that fits in any nursery. A personalized starry sky poster with the positions of the stars based on the birthplace, date, and time of birth.

Don't forget the mother

During pregnancy or childbirth, much of the focus is on the child, but let's not forget about the mother. Mothers do incredible things during pregnancy and childbirth, and we should celebrate and pamper ourselves. Here, we've gathered a few ideas for what moms might appreciate.

Gifts for Mommys

Here's our list of great gifts for the expectant mom, suitable for every budget.


memooa - more than a photo book

memooa is the ultimate app for parents who want to capture every moment of their child's growth and development with a memory book that creates itself. True to the motto: So that moments remain!


Give Meaningful Gift Vouchers

Online First Aid Course for Newborns

Give the gift of an online first aid course from 12minutes. Save 10% with the code: Babybox

Postpartum Nutrition by Mama Muun

Postpartum Food Delivery for New Parents
• Nationwide in Germany
• Designed to heal & nourish

Postpartum Nutrition by Mothers Finest

Freshly cooked organic certified food for pregnancy and postpartum. Delivered to your home quickly. Available across Europe. The perfect gift for childbirth.