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memooa - More than a photo book


Do you ever find that moments with your children are incredibly rich and intense, making you wish you could stop time to capture every funny saying, small milestone, or photo? Yet, as the year ends, you realize you haven't documented a single funny story, and instead, you're left with thousands of disorganized photos on your phone? It's no surprise, given the overwhelming lives we lead and mental loads we carry as parents. This is precisely where the Memooa app comes in, with their guiding principle of making moments last!

memooa: So Moments Last!

For parents eager to cherish every step of their child's growth and have a tangible collection of these memories by year's end, Memooa is the perfect solution. It provides personalized weekly prompts to help you reflect on and record your child's developments and milestones. Plus, it makes it easy to add photos, anecdotes, milestones, and other precious moments before they slip away. This way, you can ensure that no special memory is lost in the shuffle of daily life.

How memooa Works

  • Personalized Questions: Memooa delivers weekly questions tailored to your children's ages, offering a unique reflection on their growth.
  • Simple Design: Choose your favorite design and create a high-quality book for each year of your children's lives in just a few seconds.
  • Automatic Timeline: All answers, photos, milestones, and stories are automatically compiled into a durable book for each year.

Why memooa?

Whether you're new parents or have been in the parenting game for a while, Memooa is suitable for kids from birth all the way to twelve years old. The questions are age-appropriate, and for older kids, they're even geared toward the children themselves to capture their points of view.

The app doesn't just make it possible for you and your child to work together on their yearly book, but also allows for collaboration with other family members. For instance, grandparents can automatically see photos, milestones, and funny quotes from the kids in the Memooa feed, without you having to send regular updates.

Security and Privacy

Memooa is hosted on German servers, and your data is encrypted for storage. Even after you order your book, you can securely archive your precious moments to reconstruct and reorder your books if needed.

The founders, Sara and Steffen, regularly update the app and welcome ideas and suggestions on how to make Memooa even better. Feel free to write to them at

Give Memooa a try – To make moments last!