You've probably already taken care of the postpartum equipment during pregnancy, and we've reported on it extensively. Here's a summary once again.

Your Diaper Changing Guide

When it comes to diaper changing, our motto 'Less is more' applies just like with everything else. Since you'll be changing your baby very frequently, you should set up the changing area to be comfortable for both you and your baby. If your baby finds diaper changes uncomfortable, it can quickly become a struggle for everyone involved. The location, whether in the bathroom or the nursery, doesn't matter as much as ensuring that your child is comfortable and warm.

Your Baby's Sleep: What You Should Know & Equipment

How and where your baby will sleep is ultimately your decision, together with your partner. Of course, it depends on the space available in your apartment or house. Since your child has been sleeping inside your body for the last 9 months, it makes sense for them to sleep not too far away from you in the coming weeks and months after birth. A child whose needs are met sleeps well. This includes being tired, being fed, being warm, and having the protection of a trusted person (that's you).

Postpartum Essentials

Here you can find our postpartum essentials

Sleeping Bag for Babies: What should you actually wear underneath it?

A question that is frequently asked, and the answer is: It depends on the individual sleeping situation. We'll explain how you can put together the right sleep outfit here.