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Your changing guide


When it comes to diapers, our motto “less is more” applies just as much as with everything else. Since you will change your baby's diaper very often, you should set up the changing place comfortably for you and especially for your baby. Because if your baby finds changing diapers uncomfortable, this process can quickly become torture for everyone involved. It doesn't matter where you change the diaper, whether it's in the bathroom or in the children's room, it's important that your child is comfortable and warm.


You need the following for wrapping

1 x

Changing table or changing mat

1 x

Changing pad

1 x

Bowl of clear water

2-3 packs

Cotton pads or wet wipes

2-3 packs


1 x

Holding bucket

1 x

Radiant heater, it should be too cold in the room where you are changing

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Changing pad

We love the Murmunto changing mat. Not just because it looks great, but because a lot of medical knowledge and only natural materials are used here. And the company also produces in Germany.


Holding bucket

The Kindsgut holding bucket is actually not just a holding bucket but a potty. Since we love products that can be used multiple times, the Kindsgut potty fits perfectly. Due to the ergonomic rounding, the detent bucket is not disturbing and closes well on the important sides without you having to press the bucket too hard.

And the great thing about this product is that you can use it as a potty for the diaper-free time in the next step.

Heating lamp

There are so many here and every changing situation is different. What you should pay attention to is the correct distance from the heat lamp to the child, when fastening or setting it up. There are heat lamps that you can attach to the wall or ones that you can put next to the changing table/dresser. With a heat lamp that is loose, it is always important that it is as stable as possible so that the lamp does not fall over immediately if a sibling pulls on it. It is also practical if the radiant heater has different levels.

Under the link below you will find an evaluation of the best heat lamps:

- 1 -

Create a Comfortable Diaper Changing Environment

Diaper changing must be comfortable for your child; otherwise, it can become a long-term hassle. Make sure your baby isn't cold during diaper changes and that they are lying comfortably. A mobile above the changing table can provide variety and distraction.

- 2 -

Putting on the Diaper

Lay the diaper flat and place your child in it. When folding the diaper, the back and front sides should align.

Hold the diaper firmly against the belly with one hand and fasten the closure with the other hand. This ensures that nothing slips.

- 3 -

Pull the fastener tight

The diaper should fit snugly, otherwise it can lead to leakage at the back.

Smooth the side edges towards the back before fastening, and then stick the Velcro on the belly.

- 4 -

Check if the diaper is tight enough

When only your index and middle fingers fit comfortably, the diaper is perfectly snug.

- 5 -

Check the fit around the legs

The frilly hem around the legs should be rolled outward to ensure comfortable wearing for your child.

What you really need - and what you don't: The best tips for baby's first care

We have summarized for you here how to properly care for your baby's diaper area and which products we recommend for you.

If there are siblings, it makes sense to place a small step (Kindsgut Affiliation link) next to the changing device so that they can watch and get involved while changing. That always pays off.

Here we recommend the wooden step from Kindsgut, because it looks chic and has a good, safe height. You can also use it to go to the toilet if you get hemorrhoids after giving birth.