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Nest building during pregnancy


Cats do. Bird parents do. And if you're like many expectant mothers or fathers, then so are you: preparing your "nest" for your soon-to-be baby.

The nest-building instinct during pregnancy can be just as strong in humans as it is in our animal friends. It's nature's way of preparing you to raise a child.

What does the nest building instinct during pregnancy mean?

Nest building gives women a boost of energy in the last few weeks of pregnancy, encouraging them to clean up their homes in preparation for the baby's arrival.

This energy is also productive - it drives many expectant mothers to take on long-delayed chores like cleaning every corner, defrosting the freezer and clearing out the garage. Of course, this includes his anticipation of investing in the design of the children's room.

But don't be alarmed if the urge to build a nest doesn't get the better of you and instead you feel like doing nothing in the last few weeks of pregnancy. Again, this is perfectly normal and doesn't say anything about what kind of mom or dad you'll be.

When does nest building begin?

Nest building usually begins around 38 weeks' gestation or 39 weeks' gestation towards the end of pregnancy.

During this time, there is a natural increase in adrenaline levels in the body. As a result, mothers often feel a certain excitement and emotional turmoil.

What is there to consider when building a nest?

Even if your body feels strong and energized from the adrenaline rush, you should be careful not to lift things that are too heavy. Let your partner or girlfriend help you with this. In addition, the joint babyproof prepping can also be a wonderful activity together with your partner to prepare for the new life together. Don't get overzealous when prepping! Avoid using toxic cleaning products and wear gloves when cleaning.

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