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Relaunch Babybox - What to Expect

We have been listening attentively and learning a lot in recent years. The new Babybox website has been created through your feedback, questions, and suggestions. At this point, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you, and especially to those who have contributed. Thank you for being with us on our journey.

Life Cycles


We're here to guide you. As an expectant mother. As an expectant father. During the postpartum period. As brand-new parents. We accompany you through the most important phase of life and share with you the experiences that are truly helpful. We provide you with checklists and recommend only the products and literature that we consider truly meaningful. The Babybox & Family platform is a place where you'll be inspired, informed, and supported. A virtual concept store where you'll find only what you truly need - information, products, and guidance.

Now, even more organized and user-friendly.

Starter Kit Shopping Checklist

We understand that expectant parents shouldn't spend hours on endless research, forums, and sifting through various opinions. That's why the Babybox & Family team, consisting of moms and midwives, came together to create a shopping list for your baby's initial needs. As simple and straightforward as possible. Of course, you'll receive a downloadable checklist for both winter and summer baby essentials. New addition: an exclusive list tailored for premature babies.

We've got you covered

Gift service

With the relaunch, we're introducing a corporate gifting service. Let's be honest: gift baskets for expectant parents in corporations are often impersonal and unnecessary. To ensure that the gift remains unforgettable, we've launched a gifting service. Our approach: You share your budget, preferences, and the birth month with us – and we take care of the rest. The result: a personalized, high-quality gift curated by experienced mothers. Thoughtfulness is our focus here.


Live shopping with our experts

You don't live in Berlin and can't visit our flagship store in person? Not a problem anymore! We can now provide you with live video-call consultations, where we'll work with you to create your very own personal baby essentials checklist. You can easily schedule an appointment online, and we're looking forward to assisting you.

Only what you wish for

Gift registry

In addition to the familiar favorites list, we now introduce the new and colorful Babybox Gift registry. Here, you can create personalized lists for any occasion and easily send them as gigf registry to family, friends, and/or colleagues. Because it's not about having a lot, but having the right things – and certainly not duplicating items.

Clear, convenient, and simple.

Calendars & Downloadable Checklists

To make sure you don't have to remember everything, we've created two clear calendars and plenty of downloadable checklists for you.

Mulesing, TOg, GOTS

In the wiki, you'll find answers

In our wiki, you'll find essential information about clothing and our offerings. Whether it's recommendations for proper washing or an overview of common textile certifications, we've compiled everything you need to know for you.

... and much more. We're delighted if we can make family life easier for you with our offerings and perhaps bring more clarity to certain areas. Take what suits you from this, and leave out what you don't need. This new website is based on our experiences but also on the valuable feedback you've consistently provided. So, please let us know what you think, what's missing, and where we should delve deeper.