Secure payment

Secure payment

We offer our customers the payment methods bank transfer and PayPal. When selecting our payment service providers, we also kept an eye on their security measures and explain their services to you here so that you can feel safe when shopping online.


Bank transfer is one of the safest payment systems because you do not disclose your bank details, but carry out the transfer later, independently of the respective manufacturer's website.


PayPal monitors every transaction 24/7 to protect customers from fraud, phishing, identity theft and other inconveniences. Paypal uses the latest security technology. If someone finds something suspicious there, Paypal's security experts will investigate the suspicious activity.
As a customer, always remember that Paypal never asks for sensitive information such as your password or credit card number via email. More information is available on their website topic phishing .

More tips for safe online shopping

Don't answer any Phishing Emails . Never enter personal or sensitive information if you receive an unexpected email asking you to do so - even if the email looks real.

  • Always enter the full URL in your browser's address bar when you want to visit a website.
  • Use different passwords for different applications and not the same password everywhere.
  • Log out if you no longer use a website and personal data is stored there.
  • Protect your computer with an antivirus program and a firewall and update both security programs regularly.
  • Pay attention to the existence of general terms and conditions and imprint:
    Check the General Terms and Conditions ( AGBs ). These provide indications of the seriousness of a shop: Are they easy to find, easy to understand and do they not restrict your rights in an inadmissible way?

All information given here is subject to change and is based on publicly available information from our service providers, which is linked within the text.