Linen care instructions


Our recommendation to always read the care instructions in the respective garments, the special composition of the manufacturer and the origin of the materials often require individual care.

Linen should only be washed at a maximum of 60°C. If the linen is dyed, a maximum of 40°C is recommended. You should also only use detergent that is free of bleach additives. Liquid mild detergent is particularly suitable for this.

A low spin cycle protects the fibers of the linen fabric. If you notice that your natural linen is becoming lighter and lighter, then that is quite normal. This change is simply due to the washing temperature.

If possible, select the “water plus” option on your machine. More water than usual is let into the washing drum. This also protects the tissue.

You should never, ever put linen fabric in the tumble dryer! Hang linen clothes on a hanger while still damp. Ideally, you should dry linen in a place with a little airflow, such as a balcony. Make sure, however, that the linen clothing is not hanging in the blazing sun. If you need to dry linen clothes indoors and it's still dripping, just put a towel underneath that you'll need to wash anyway.
If you want to iron your linen fabric, you should do this with a steam iron if possible. The garment should not be dry for this. Alternatively, you can simply moisten it with a spray bottle.

Briefly summarized:

  • Sort laundry by colour, temperature and material
  • Heavy-duty detergents and color detergents are sufficient as standard detergents
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the amount of detergent to be used
  • Select the washing program according to the information on the label
  • Make sure the drum is filled correctly

Briefly summarized:

  • Drying in the fresh air is best
  • Do not hang sensitive materials in direct sunlight
  • Dry the knit flat
  • Ensure good ventilation