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Babybox and Family Joha Longsleeve aus Wolle & Seide 86/92 #farbe_
Babybox and Family Halfen Weste aus Wollwalk grau-h 86/92 #farbe_grau-h
HalfenVest made of boiled wool
Sale price66,39 €
Babybox and Family MP Denmark glatte Strumpfhose aus Wolle & Baumwolle AW21 agave-3010 60 #farbe_agave-3010
MP DenmarkWool & Cotton Smooth Tights
Sale price19,29 €
Save 28%
Babybox and Family MP Denmark Leggings aus Baumwolle sand-489 60 #farbe_sand-489
MP DenmarkCotton leggings
Sale priceFrom 8,40 € Originally: 11,72 €
Babybox and Family MP Denmark Socken aus Wolle - AW2022 dunkelblau - 807 15-16 #farbe_dunkelblau - 807
MP DenmarkWool socks - AW2022
Sale price6,68 €
Babybox and Family Halfen Pullover mit Reißverschluss aus Wolle marine 86/92 #farbe_marine
HalfenWool Zip Troyer Pullover
Sale price83,19 €
Babybox and Family Disana Zipper Jacke aus Wollwalk 74/80 grau-d #farbe_74/80
Save 51%
Babybox and Family The Simple Folk Hose aus Leinen rust-tsf 12-18m #farbe_rust-tsf
The Simple FolkLinen trousers
Sale price24,37 € Originally: 49,37 €
Longsleeve aus Wolle in sage Joha
JohaLongsleeve made of wool in sage
Sale price23,53 €