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Initial equipment for winter baby


One of the nicest, but also probably the most overwhelming topic when it comes to the baby in your belly: the initial equipment! There are about as many opinions on this as there are guides, and really everyone says something different. We think: That doesn't have to be the case, because it really doesn't take much at the beginning - but the right thing is absolutely necessary.

We recommend that you start putting together your initial equipment around the 30th week of pregnancy (WSW) or, in the case of multiple pregnancies, from the 25th week of pregnancy. Of course we are aware that you will certainly not be able to bear not to buy anything until then, but if you have not yet dealt with it, then you should do so at the latest.

For all parents-to-be with multiple pregnancies, take a look at There are two over.

Here you will find lots of tips and inspiration that will prepare you for life with multiple births.

Now to the most important points when it comes to clothing for babies:

On average, newborns weigh between 3,200g and 3,600g when they are born - the perfect size is 50/56. In size you should have little but suitable clothing so that your baby is comfortable. We always try to give you an indication of the size you need for a newborn in the products, according to the supplier, because the suppliers often have different sizes.

Important for you, especially when you are becoming a mom for the first time: You will not undress and change your baby several times a day. Babies aren't dirty, they don't sweat, they don't spit on themselves from morning to night and the diaper doesn't leak all the time. (Of course, only if the diaper was put on correctly.) Here are some tips for changing diapers.

Your baby is born without natural fat reserves. Therefore, we recommend choosing clothing made of wool & silk or pure wool predominantly during the first few weeks of life – even in the summer! These natural materials effectively support your baby in regulating its body temperature since it doesn't have this ability on its own at the beginning. Especially during the postpartum period, new moms might experience increased sweating due to hormonal changes, and their perception of warmth may be different. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that your baby is too warm. Remember this simple rule: Your baby always needs one more layer than you do!

We generally recommend that newborns should wear clothing that covers their arms and legs completely until their first birthday. This not only helps keep your baby warm but also protects their sensitive skin. Keep in mind that a baby's skin is about five times thinner than that of an adult. Especially in the summer, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or covered in sunscreen. Garments made of wool and silk provide natural sun protection because silk reflects sunlight. With the right clothing, you can effectively protect your baby.

You might wonder why a cotton/bamboo onesie is included in our checklist. The reason is that the umbilical cord stump, which falls off in the first few days of a baby's life, can sometimes bleed and be a bit messy. A cotton onesie is practical in this situation as it can be washed at high temperatures to remove any stains and residues.

The excitement of expecting a baby and the urge to make the first baby purchases can be overwhelming at the beginning of pregnancy. If you feel this need or have already made some initial purchases, be cautious about storing baby clothes. Ensure that the clothing is well packed and protected from pests. Woolen clothing, in particular, is a favorite target for clothes moths. The tricky part is that infestation is often noticed only after washing when holes appear in the garments. So, be proactive and protect your lovingly selected pieces!

Do we need to wash baby clothing before the first wear? How do we care for wool & silk, wool, and cashmere clothing? At Babybox and Family, we adhere to the highest quality standards and carefully select our products to ensure they do not come into contact with harmful chemicals or toxic dyes. Thanks to the self-cleaning properties of wool, it is often sufficient to simply air out clothing. Therefore, it is not strictly necessary to wash every item before the first wear. However, this decision is very individual. If you are unsure, trust your instincts and make a decision that makes both you and your baby feel comfortable.

Care instructions for wool & silk or wool and cashmere: Always use a high-quality, organic wool detergent. Add lanolin every 2-3 washes to recondition the wool, ensuring it retains its outstanding properties. Your well-being and that of your baby are important to us, which is why we prioritize quality and safety. In our Wiki, you can find a description of how to best wash wool. We also pay attention to sourcing products that are easy to clean, so wool clothing does not become an additional source of stress.

When selecting baby clothing, there are several things to consider. Bodysuits, which serve as your baby's "underwear," should always fit snugly to provide warmth and comfort. On the other hand, cardigans, especially the thicker ones, can be purchased one size larger. They can be easily adjusted to your baby's size – simply roll up the sleeves.

In our Babybox Collection, we have taken special care to offer sizes that can be flexibly adjusted. This ensures that you can enjoy our products for as long as possible. For all other brands we carry, we have included precise size information in the product descriptions to make your selection easier.

We want to make the start with your babies as easy as possible. Therefore, we have compiled a checklist as a minimal setup for the first 8 weeks. Whether and what else you need will become clear once your babies arrive. When it comes to baby clothing, we follow the motto "Less is more." Our experience shows that 2-3 outfits are completely sufficient for the beginning. This also prevents your baby from outgrowing clothing that has never been worn. Our focus is on combining sustainability and quality.

What should you consider about the sizes of clothing?

While bodysuits should always be nice and snug (the bodysuit is your baby’s underwear), cardigans – especially thicker ones – can be bought one size larger. They grow well with you, just roll up your sleeves and you're done!
With the Babybox Collection, we have made sure that we adjust the sizes slightly so that you can enjoy our products for longer. For all other manufacturers, we have integrated the correct size into the product description.

Our checklist serves as the minimum equipment for the first 8 weeks with a baby - if and what you need more will be seen as soon as your baby is here. When it comes to clothing, our motto is “less is more”. After all, you know your and your very own preferences for washing clothes, changing clothes and the like best. From our experience, however, 2-3 outfit options are enough for the first time with a baby - so it is almost impossible for your baby to outgrow the beautiful things without ever having worn them!

Our wish list for everyone who wants to give you something

Also, always remember that you will certainly get a lot for free. If you have a lot of questions about what friends, acquaintances or relatives should give you, we have developed a wish list function for you. Here you can save whatever you want and send it to everyone with a personal message. This way you can influence what you get and prevent the creepy, nonsensical gifts that the world doesn't need and that nobody thinks are beautiful.


Here you will find our baby box initial equipment list, one for summer babies and one for winter babies. You can shop the list individually with our products or put it on a wish list. If you are unsure or have any questions, please contact our Customer Happiness Service by email at or by phone on +49 170 2200471 .

Have fun putting together your individual initial equipment!

Initial equipment checklist for download

So that you don't have to remember all of this, we have summarized the checklist for initial equipment once again in a clearly arranged file format.

Login here to download the checklist.

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