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What do you dress your baby after birth?


We find that this topic brings a great deal of uncertainty along with it, and rightly so. How are you supposed to know how to dress a newborn?

When answering this question, it’s important to think about where your child has felt comfortable in the last weeks and months. Born around the 40-week mark (+/-), your child has been used to a consistently warm 37°C environment. So everything outside is very cold and unfamiliar to your baby at first. Dressing your child in snug, warm clothing right from the start can have a profoundly soothing effect.

Bonding, bonding, bonding

Right after birth and during the following days, nothing can really replace the bonding that occurs between you and your baby through direct skin-to-skin contact. Your baby sends out hormones which accelerate the bond between the two of you. In this way you can fall in love with each other even faster. Take your time; it's worth it.

An essential part of dressing your baby after birth is giving them a hat. You should have these handy in both winter and summer. As with adults, most heat is lost through the head. Moreover, your baby's skin is up to five times thinner than yours, they're born without substantial fat reserves, and their hair might be sparse or absent. Heat loss equates to energy loss. Your child's job is to grow and yours is to keep them warm. That way, your baby’s energy can be devoted to growth and not just to keeping warm. Another useful advantage of a hat is that it shields your child from too many external impressions in their big, new world.

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Our tip

During winter, opt for woolen tights as your baby’s first layer.

You should also have your baby blanket with you so that your baby can cuddle up with it. To give the blanket your scent, consider sleeping with it for a few days prior to giving birth. This way, the aroma becomes familiar to your baby and offers them a sense of security. The blanket signifies not only warmth and snugness but also protection. Your baby can undoubtedly feel and appreciate this too.

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