Dr. med. Annalena & Dr. med. Lukas Dehé

Dr. med. Annalena Dehé - Specialist in Internal Medicine, Emergency Physician, and Lecturer in Emergency Medicine
Dr. med. Lukas Dehé - Specialist in Anesthesiology, Emergency Physician in a Rescue Helicopter, and Lecturer in Emergency Medicine

First aid is a matter of the heart for us. For many years, we have been active as emergency physicians on emergency medical service vehicles and a rescue helicopter, providing help where it is needed most. In hundreds of missions, we have repeatedly observed that many situations could have been improved through competent first aid on the spot. Critical emergency situations can even be prevented with prompt action.

An ambulance takes an average of 12 minutes to arrive at the patient. Brain damage becomes permanent after just 3-5 minutes. That's why we have developed an online first aid course that:

Is conducted at home with a simulation doll so that practical experience from the course can be applied in emergencies.
Was created by us as active emergency and medical specialists, based on our extensive experience with emergencies involving babies and children.
Covers not only resuscitation but also other emergencies, as parents of twins, we understand how stressful some emergency situations can be.