Our goal is to provide you with the greatest expertise and knowledge from different family models. We have therefore set up a team of authors for the content of the Babybox platform, who will regularly provide you with inspiration. Have fun while reading.

Annika Brix

Doula & co-founder of a communications agency

Bernd Roschnik

Dad in Berlin

Babybox Autorin Lisa Trautman

Lisa Trautman

Fashion journalist & PR manager in Berlin

Annalena & Lukas

Dr. med. Annalena & Dr. med. Lukas Dehé emergency doctors at the Charité Berlin

Sabine Gallei

Founder YES YOU ARE, yoga teacher & stylist

Profilbild Rechtsanwältin Sandra Runge

Sandra Runge

Lawyer for labor law & co-founder of Coworking Toddler

Sarah & Natalia

Doulas from Munich

Foto Babybox Autorin Amelie Boehm

Amelie Boehm

Sexologist M.A.

Foto Gründerpaar Hanniline, Dagmara und Andi

Daga & Andi

Founder HANNIline