Our recommendation to always read the care instructions in the respective garments, the special composition of the manufacturer and the origin of the materials often require individual care.

Merino wool and virgin wool
Manufacturers always recommend hand washing, cold and without temperature fluctuations, no wringing and rubbing of the garment. Basically, you should use a laundry bag for your wool laundry, this reduces the friction on the washing machine drum and thus the risk of felting. Textiles made of wool do not get dirty as quickly as cotton textiles, it is usually sufficient to air the textiles and only wash them when they are really dirty.
Always wash wool on the wool cycle and make sure the setting uses cold water, not 30 degrees. Basically, the older the washing machine is, the worse the wool program is, which can lead to problems. Also pay attention to the spin speed, it should be greatly reduced and no final spin should be set.
You should also use a high-quality, organic wool detergent and not a conventional one. Dry your woolen laundry lying on a towel and carefully pull it into shape after washing. Please never let your woolen clothes dry in the blazing sun, in the tumble dryer or on the radiator.

With our Joha and FUB products, we have had good experiences washing them at 30 degrees on a wool cycle. (but we do not assume any guarantee)

boiled wool
Consists of organic new wool, this wool should be gently cleaned. Wool has a high proportion of lanolin (wool fat). This wool fat gives boiled wool items their easy-care and dirt-repellent properties. In the case of light soiling, it is usually sufficient to shake out or brush out the boiled wool garments; the miracle brush is suitable here. Unpleasant odors will disappear if you hang your clothes out in the fresh air overnight.
For larger soiling, the manufacturer recommends washing the clothing inside out by hand. Virgin wool must not be wrung out and dried in the dryer.

Here, too, we as the BabyBox team have had good experiences with the cold wool washing program and clean our boiled wool parts in this way, of course we cannot guarantee this, as the manufacturer recommends hand washing.

Briefly summarized:

  • Sort laundry by colour, temperature and material
  • Heavy-duty detergents and color detergents are sufficient as standard detergents
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the amount of detergent to be used
  • Select the washing program according to the information on the label
  • Make sure the drum is filled correctly

Briefly summarized:

  • Drying in the fresh air is best
  • Do not hang sensitive materials in direct sunlight
  • Dry the knit flat
  • Ensure good ventilation

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