Our recommendation to always read the care instructions in the respective garments, the special composition of the manufacturer and the origin of the materials often require individual care.

Cotton is soft and gentle on the skin. It is durable and easy to care for. High temperatures and the mechanical stress of the washing machine cannot harm cotton. However, incorrect care can damage the robust cotton fibers. Because cotton must not automatically be washed at high temperatures. Please always follow the respective recommendations on the care label.
Every piece of clothing behaves differently, so we advise you to sort the laundry, white cotton items such as bed linen, towels and socks can withstand up to 90 degrees Celsius in the normal wash cycle of the washing machine. Clothing such as jeans, tops and shirts should not be washed at temperatures above 40 degrees. Clothing is often not made of 100% cotton, but is mixed with other materials such as elastane. You should always wash cotton mix fabrics at a low temperature.

Briefly summarized:

  • Sort laundry by colour, temperature and material
  • Heavy-duty detergents and color detergents are sufficient as standard detergents
  • Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions for the amount of detergent to be used
  • Select the washing program according to the information on the label
  • Make sure the drum is filled correctly

Briefly summarized:

  • Drying in the fresh air is best
  • Do not hang sensitive materials in direct sunlight
  • Dry the knit flat
  • Ensure good ventilation