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memooa - More than a photo book


Do you also feel that the time with your children is so wonderfully intense and full that you want to stop the time several times a day and capture the funny children's saying, small milestone or photo? But at the end of the year you didn't write down a single funny anecdote and instead had thousands of unsorted photos on your cell phone? No wonder, our life and mental load as parents are just overfull. This is exactly where the app memooa helps, whose motto is: So that moments last!

Die ultimative App

For parents who want to capture every moment of their child's growth and development and hold it in their hands at the end of the year in a quality book. Memooa offers personalized questions that are asked weekly to help reflect on your child's growth and milestones. Additionally, you can easily add photos, anecdotes, milestones and other special moments before they are forgotten.

From all the answers, photos, milestones and anecdotes, memooa automatically creates a high-quality, long-lasting book for your child for each year of their life. One click on your preferred design and your book will be created in a few seconds. With just one reach into the bookshelf, you can then immerse yourself in your precious moments at any time.

Regardless of whether you have just become parents or have been in the parenting business for some time: memooa is suitable for ages 0 to 12. Depending on the age of the child, the questions are increasingly directed at your child in order to maintain this perspective. For example, memooa asks about moments when your child has been proud of themselves recently. Or what your child particularly appreciates about their family.

The app allows you to fill in your children's yearbook not only with your child, but with several family members. But you can also just invite them to read along. For example, grandparents can automatically see all new photos, milestones and children's sayings in their Memooa feed without you having to send parents photos and updates on a regular basis.

By the way, memooa is hosted on German servers and your data is stored in encrypted form. You can still securely archive your valuable moments after ordering the book, so that you can reconstruct and reorder your books at any time even in the event of water damage, loss of your mobile phone, fire or burglary.

The founders Sara and Steffen regularly update the app and welcome ideas and suggestions on how they can make memooa even better. Please contact