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Your baby's sleep: useful information & equipment


At the end of the day, it’s for you and your partner to decide how and where your baby will sleep. Of course, the living space you have to work with will always be a big consideration.

Since your child has been sleeping within your body for the past 9 months, it makes sense that they shouldn’t sleep too far away from you during the first weeks and months after being born. A child whose needs are met sleeps well. These needs include being tired, full, warm, and feeling secure in the presence of a trusted person (that’s you).

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Sleeping at night

In the beginning, it’s a wise choice to consider using a baby bay for sleeping at night. A baby bay is a small cot or crib that can be affixed to the side of your own bed. These cribs come with adjustable height options, ensuring compatibility with a wide array of bed types. The practical thing about baby bays is that your baby sleeps right next to you, yet within a safe, confined space.

Some baby bays even have wheels, allowing you to use them as a bassinet during the day. This dual functionality will be even more valuable to you if your space is limited. Another added bonus is that baby bays tend to retain their resale value, making them even more practical.

Here are some that we think are beautiful.

During the nighttime, your baby should be dressed in a sleeping sack, pajamas, a bodysuit, and socks. The room temperature of your baby's sleeping space will determine the appropriate choice of sleeping sack and the layers needed beneath it. The initial sleeping sack your baby wears should always have long sleeves. Given that your baby's skin is five times thinner than yours, they require an extra layer of clothing. When it comes to sleeping sacks, the fabric often outweighs the thickness. Being avid fans of wool, we wholeheartedly recommend woolen sleeping sacks, irrespective of the season – be it summer or winter. Wool helps regulate your baby's temperature, which in turn helps in maintaining your child's heat balance. For a comprehensive guide on how to correctly dress your baby in a sleeping sack, we've compiled all the essential details right here.

When children sleep restlessly

There are children who sleep only fitfully and need a little longer to adjust. But you’ll only ascertain this once your baby comes home. If this resonates, investing in a CosyMe could be helpful. The CosyMe is a combination of sleeping bag and swaddle that soothes and gives your child a sense of embrace as they sleep.

The Cosyme has an integrated mattress that also supports your baby's neck and head. You can use it to lay your baby in the stroller or bedside crib, or you can simply hold it, along with your baby, in your arms.

Daytime sleep

Additionally, it makes sense to get a baby nest to use during the day. The range of options for baby nests seems almost endless. From our perspective, the goal of an excellent nest is to give your child a feeling of security and to imitate the tightness and cosy feeling of the womb. It also provides your child with protection against accidentally rolling away, although this is of lesser concern during the first weeks when your baby’s mobility is limited.

Out of all the nests that we have tested, the Snuggle Me is clearly the winner. The Snuggle Me gently cradles your baby's body when they're placed inside, its sides embracing them softly. The sleeping space is contoured to encourage proper air circulation around the neck. The Snuggle Me's sides are snug, and the slight indentation caused by the weight of your child prevents rolling away. The Snuggle Me is perfect for daytime naps, and you can lay your child on their back or just a little bit on their side.

Throughout the daytime, it's as easy as placing your baby inside the Snuggle Me and covering their body with a baby blanket. Check your baby's neck regularly to ensure they are comfortably warm. 

You won’t really need anything else in the beginning. You can choose a cot to go in your own bedroom later.