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Kindergarten checklist & 5 tips that make it easier to get used to daycare


Didn't you just yesterday hold a small bundle of newborns in your arms, and suddenly this little big person has to go to daycare, to a childminder or kindergarten all by himself? This milestone is the first of many - we know, you don't even want to think about it yet! – and therefore perhaps the most exciting. And getting used to it can be quite difficult - for your baby, but also for you and your partner.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind during this time? Every child is different, and every child handles this big step of letting go and separating from everything they've known before differently. Where some connect after just a few days and are completely settled in just 2 weeks (while your heart is bleeding because it went much faster than you thought) it can take significantly longer for others. And yet that doesn't mean that the day-care time afterwards can't be incredibly good and relaxed. Or that getting used to it faster must be better. Nevertheless, this should be a nice experience for everyone - without pressure and too many tears (even if it's probably not possible without it). This is exactly why we have collected our favorite tips:

What is particularly important now?

1. Give yourself the time you need!

Starting daycare is such a huge developmental step – and not just for the baby. Suddenly everything is different, and that's not always easy. It doesn't have to be, because after all you have each other to do it together. So don't be fooled into thinking that anything has to happen before you and your baby are ready - your pace is just right! The first separation does not HAVE to happen on the third day, maybe it makes sense to wait a few more days - or not.

2. Always have something from home with you

Whether it's a pacifier, cuddly toy or even your own blanket (we swear by it!): Having something familiar from home with you can make it a lot easier for your child to get used to the completely new environment. What we also really love: A small booklet with pictures of mom, dad and co: The educators can leaf through it with your child when it gets too sad - and that can accompany you throughout the kindergarten!

3. Letting go doesn't need to be learned

And by you. Because it can also be damn hard for you to take this next step. After all, you have spent the last few months or years together completely, your whole everyday life was tailored to your baby and you always knew what was happening.

Giving that up suddenly and sometimes not doing it for several hours is anything but easy. Now it's up to you to let go - because that's the only way your baby can do it. If they realize you don't really want to leave, the breakup will be all the harder; but if it notices that you hand it over to loving educators with a great feeling, then it will also gain confidence in the new situation much faster!

4. Clothing and a change of clothes: what is important?

Perhaps the most important tip: It doesn't have to be the best clothes in kindergarten and daycare, because there are always stains in the afternoon. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to good materials in the daycare center, because it is particularly important here that your child is always well dressed - no matter what the weather is like. Wool Silk as a basis is not only important in newborns!

5. The right backpack

... is not that easy to find. Fortunately, this is not so important in the beginning, since a one-year-old child certainly does not carry its own backpack. But later it gets really exciting to bring your own backpack with a change of clothes, breakfast and a water bottle. Attention: This can quickly become difficult - our x favorite backpacks are here - all sustainable and simply beautiful!

LÄSSIG : With rain cover and seat pad and super comfortable to wear!

STICKY LEMON : Well designed and great color combinations - also easy to hang on the stroller and is washable

JOHNNY URBAN : Good division, really nice and comfortable to wear

FJALLRAVEN : Endless colors, there is something for everyone - but more suitable for lighter things because the straps are quite narrow

KINDSGUT : Suitable even for the very youngest and the material is really something special

There are also other cute designs and brands that you might not find everywhere at the Dutch shop De Gele Flamingo : everything is sustainable and really simply beautiful!

Checklist for everything you need in kindergarten, crèche and daycare

And so that the daycare center has everything that your child could need in terms of change of clothes, here is a small but useful list that you should have with you when you start daycare. But don't worry, your day care center or kindergarten will also say how they like to handle it!


1 pair

Comfortable slippers or anti-slip socks (depending on daycare preferences)

1 pair

Changing shoes according to the season

1 Set

Raincoat and rain pants

1 pair

Rubber boots (for autumn and winter, it's nice to have lambskin insoles to keep the feet warm).


Wool or cashmere cardigan

2-3 pair

Underwear sets or bodysuits (we recommend wool & silk material here, as it absorbs more moisture and dries faster).


Extra pants


Extra t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts


Extra sweaters

1-2 pair

Extra socks


Depending on the season: sun hat or beanie


Packages of diapers (as agreed with the daycare)


Reusable wet bags (for wet items in case of accidents, environmentally friendly).