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Maintaining perineal tears, vaginal tears and the like: The best midwife tips for birth injuries


Childbirth injuries are often talked about in childbirth classes, but they can still catch you off guard when they actually occur. Whether it's a perineal tear, episiotomy, vulvar abrasions, hemorrhoids, or other minor or major injuries in the genital area, these experiences can be challenging. Despite preparing with sitz baths and perineal massages in the weeks leading up to birth, birth injuries are not always preventable.

The intense forces exerted during contractions can lead to (small) tears or abrasions in the vulva, vagina, and perineal area. These injuries can be extremely painful, especially as they heal. In the first few days after delivery, even simple tasks like using the restroom can be excruciating due to the burning sensation caused by contact with urine.

To help you navigate this healing process, we've compiled our top five tips from both moms and midwives. Remember, the delicate tissue in the genital area has remarkable healing abilities, particularly when combined with ample rest and lying down during the early postpartum period. Your body's ability to heal is remarkable, and giving yourself time to recover is crucial during this time.

Our personal highlight: sitz baths

You wouldn't believe how good a sitz bath with soothing herbs and salts can be - like a complete makeover for your perineal area! We love the sitz bath from Bahnhof Apotheke. Sissi's midwife's bag would be incomplete without it. Alternatively, a sitz bath can be made with Dead Sea bath salts, which you can find in any drugstore or pharmacy. This is also very beneficial and promotes wound healing. You can also add some calendula essence, if you wish.

Always rinse well

Rinsing your irritated perineal area while you're on the toilet is a great way to make any burning a bit more bearable. Simply keeping water in a small container to use for pouring will work wonders. It is even better to use a mixture containing calendula essence when rinsing yourself. This will take the sting out of any burning you experience and will promote wound healing. The sitz bath is also a suitable method for rinsing, and just a small teaspoon of the mixture is sufficient for this purpose. Tip: The most practical items are Peri Bottles, which were designed just for this, or a Happy Po Po Shower. A small jug or even a glass will do if you're in a tough spot!


Intimate Rinse

Spray-on instant relief

Perhaps the best gift for every new mum: Our Recover Spray, because it's simply a must-have to help soothe your sensitive perineal area after childbirth. You can use the spray several times a day, and even in between - it cools, relieves swelling, and promotes wound healing. And it's incredibly productive - even after the first days postpartum, the Recover Spray can be used to treat irritation in the bikini area. Or, if you are already plagued by water retention during pregnancy: A few splashes on your bloated legs will help right away!

Into Life

Mama Recover Spray

Calendula essence for absolutely everything

This small bottle isn't just useful for sitz baths; it's also effective in dry conditions. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to dilute it with water. Then, generously apply the mixture to postpartum menstrual pads before placing them in the freezer.

For optimal hygiene, it's a good idea to use a designated freezer box to store the pads. Each time you need to change pads, you can grab a frozen one. This cooling sensation reduces swelling and supports the healing process. Make sure to use pads or bandages without adhesive strips for this purpose—ones from health food stores or from the hospital can work well.

#mamahack : These remedies aren't just beneficial for addressing birth injuries; they can also be helpful for addressing various discomforts your baby might experience. Calendula essence is excellent for cleaning your baby's umbilical cord. The Recover Spray isn't just a relief for you—it's also effective for soothing irritations in the diaper area. Similarly, the sitz bath can be used to alleviate discomfort from a sore bottom or at the first signs of diaper rash in babies. After all, we love products that can serve multiple purposes!


Calendula Essence

Last but not least

Give it some air! This may not be the first thought that comes to mind, especially when dealing with postpartum bleeding. Nevertheless, allowing air to circulate is one of the best things you can do for your vulva and perineal area during the postpartum period. Taking a bit of time each day, maybe around half an hour, to kick bad in bed without underwear while your baby sleeps can be incredibly beneficial. It may feel a bit weird at first, but trust us; it’s worth it. Don't forget to lie down on top of a towel! And remember, most injuries should heal quickly with some patience and rest. If they don’t, you can make an appointment at any time before your follow-up appointment with your gynecologist or in the clinic where you gave birth to have a quick checkup. And don’t forget: your body, your rules!