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Mummy Box - Breastfeeding #1

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This mummy box is perfect for your postpartum bed. You can use this great box right after birth to prevent irritated nipples with the Livella silver hats, so that your nipples are optimally cared for right from the start. In the case of very sore nipples, however, we always ask you to consult your attending midwife or a lactation consultant in order to possibly optimize the positioning of your baby on your breast. Our BabyBox Nursing Donut is also a faithful companion for your entire breastfeeding period, at the beginning it is perfect for cooling when milk comes in or blocked milk, but it is also a must-have when used warm before breastfeeding or pumping.

The nursing pads help to collect small amounts of milk and the sensitive, tense breasts are warmed when it is cold and cooled when it is hot. Since wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in liquid and still feel dry, sore spots are prevented.

The box consists of the following products:

Nursing Donut BabyBox Collection

Our BabyBox Nursing Donut is ideal for your breastfeeding needs, regardless of whether you need warmth (e.g. before breastfeeding or pumping) or cold when milk comes in or breastfeeding pads.

Livella nipple shields

Why we recommend these nipple shields to you

  • Accelerate the healing process: The antibacterial effect of the silver can accelerate the healing process and relieve the pain of sore and inflamed nipple rhagades within a short time.
  • No use of ointments - the characteristic scent of the breast is retained by the little ones, ointments are no longer consumed: Nipple ointments become superfluous if they are worn regularly. This preserves the characteristic scent of the breast, which is important for babies. Breastfeeding is possible at any time, ointments and their components can no longer be consumed.
  • Pleasant wearing comfort & protection of the nipples: Due to the custom-made shape of the 2 nipple shields, they nestle softly and hardly noticeably against the skin. They protect the nipples from drying out, chafing on clothing and prevent kinking.
  • Quality promise from the manufacturer: certified 999 silver, also known as fine silver. Nickel free. Livella does not use any copper alloy or substrate. 100% solid silver cone. Made in Germany. Weight: about 3.5 g, diameter: 4.2 cm, height: 0.7 cm.
  • Application: The silver cap should touch the nipple. Put on the nursing bra and nursing pads. Moist wound healing in breast milk promotes the healing process.

This product cannot be exchanged!

Knitted nursing pads. 2-ply made of bourette silk / merino wool, approx. 14 cm

Due to the two animal protein fibers, germs find no breeding ground and cannot multiply. That is why our nursing pads do not need to be boiled and still remain hygienically clean. New wool has a temperature-regulating effect. The sensitive, tense chest is warmed when it's cold, but cooled when it's hot. Since wool can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in liquid and still feel dry, sore spots are prevented. Moisture is released to the outside 7 times faster than with cotton. The natural structure of the wool fiber creates air spaces. The air can therefore circulate, the skin can breathe and is gently massaged, which stimulates the metabolism. Silk does not irritate the skin and is therefore kind to the skin even if you are allergic to wool, the wearing comfort is unsurpassed, and healing ointments are completely unnecessary. Skin excretions are neutralized by silk. It absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture. Our nursing pads are environmentally friendly, kind to the skin and can be reused by simply washing them out with wool detergent and water. Disposal is easy because they can be composted.

Natural bourette silk. Without chemical equipment and without dyes. Like wool, silk is also a protein fiber. It is crease-resistant, dimensionally stable and moisture-wicking. Silk has a temperature-regulating effect, cooling when it is hot and warming when it is cold. It has a low density, making it light and comfortable. At the same time, it is the strongest natural fiber. Due to the high content of silk glue, this high-quality natural material has an anti-inflammatory effect.

High-quality merino wool from controlled organic animal husbandry. Without chemical finish. Merino wool is soft, heat-regulating, breathable, sweat-wicking, dirt-repellent and good insulating. In direct skin contact, it stimulates skin function.

And what we love they protect the environment!