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Baby Box Ready #121

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3-piece set consisting of bib shorts in chocolate by Selana and two wrap bodies in navy and natural by Joha. All three parts are absolute classics for any initial equipment.

The comfortable bib shorts made from 100% organic Merino wool by Selana fit every baby well. The wide elastic waistband sits above the stomach. Since these loose-fitting trousers have no feet, they grow with you for a very long time. The straps are fastened at the back and front with two mother-of-pearl buttons.

Selana GmbH is a very small family business that has been producing high-quality baby and children's clothing from 100% natural materials in Switzerland since 1984. You were one of the first to introduce stylish ecological natural clothing to the market. Selana attaches great importance to the fact that their natural textiles are honest, sustainable and ethical. The yarn and material suppliers used for this are checked and certified by independent institutes.

Of all the wool & silk wrap bodysuits we've tried, Joha's is our favorite. The snap button technology makes it easy to put on and take off. This body is our must-have for your initial equipment. It sits close to the body, the neckline is just right. Even after repeated washing, it keeps its shape. It is suitable for every season because of the wonderful temperature-regulating properties of Wool & Silk getting together.

For your newborn you should always start with size 50 at Joha Bodies.

Your babies and children can wear clothes made of wool and silk all year round.

Joha is a Danish brand. The products are free from harmful substances and are manufactured in Joha' own factories in Europe. Joha pays attention to environmental protection and bears the name 'Ecolabel'.

Clothing sizes at a glance

The sizes are based on the age or height of the child in cm. If you have any doubts about the right size for our BABYBOX or our products, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

age Dress size (in cm) Height in cm
0-1 months 50 44-50
1-2 months 56 51-56
2-3 months 62 57-62
4-6 months 68 63-68
7-9 months 74 69-74
10-12 months 80 75-80
13-18 months 86 81-86
2 years 92 87-92
3 years 98 93-98
4 years 104 99-104
5 years 110 105-110
6 years 116 111-116
7 years 122 117-122
8 years 128 123-128
9 years 134 129-134
ten years 140 135-140