This is us: Marina and Sissi, with our five children Liam, Noah, Cléo, Lilo and Hugo. Together we founded the Babybox & Family in 2017.

The idea for the baby box came up during Marina's pregnancy. "I realized how insecure I was about choosing the right clothes for my baby. What do I really need – and above all, how much? I was lucky that Sissi, my midwife, gave me lots of valuable tips and even went shopping with me to buy my first kit.”

Since not all parents-to-be are lucky enough to be cared for by a great midwife, it is a matter close to our hearts to pass on our knowledge. With the baby box we want to support you in finding the right clothes and the necessary "accessories" for your newborn.

When selecting our products, we pay particular attention to the type and origin of the materials. We offer you almost exclusively clothing and accessories made from natural materials, which we have extensively tested and found to be good - and which offer your babies great added value. "It doesn't take much in the beginning, but the right thing!" According to this maxim, we put together your first sets for every occasion. Whether it should be the special first coming home outfit, the complete initial equipment is required or you have to find the special gift for the birth, we have the right thing for everyone and are happy to advise you on site in our flagship store in Berlin, by e- mail or by phone. In doing so, we not only respond individually to you, the needs of your baby and the current season, but are also happy to help you to combine high-quality basics with beautiful eye-catchers.

We have also put together a selection of beautiful and useful products for (expectant) mums in our online shop and in the shop: great organic-certified care products, delicious herbal teas, informative literature and aids for pregnancy and childbirth. The care products are so pure that they can also be used on babies. If you are still looking for a great gift idea for the mum-to-be, we recommend our mummy boxes.

Your orders will be lovingly packed in our high-quality baby boxes and sent to you (or a recipient of your choice) personalized. Because we believe every baby needs a beautiful box to hold special keepsakes like ultrasound scans, first special outfit, favorite toy and first baby tooth.

100% Natural &
Pure materials

By midwives

Made in Germany

Sissi Rasche


Sissi is not only an experienced mother of three, but has also been a passionate midwife for years. She is also familiar with the special features of baby clothing from her professional career and knows exactly what the little ones need. It has always been a matter close to her heart to support “her” women beyond the classic midwifery issues of pregnancy, childbirth and childbirth, and gives advice with attention to detail when it comes to finding the right initial equipment. Babies need very different help in regulating their temperature and their skin is much more sensitive than that of adults, so fit and materials play a vital role. Sissi is the absolute expert in the Babybox & Family and checks exactly which parts are ultimately offered in the store and in the online shop. Of course, it can also just look incredibly pretty... A bloomer over warm tights doesn't hurt! Our Mother of Care & Fashion has three children, Hugo, Cléo and Lilo, and is the brand ambassador for Lillydoo's skin-friendly diapers. On our @babyboxandfamily account, but also on her private account @hebammesissirasche, Sissi shares many exciting insights into her life as a midwife and mother on Instagram.

»Put wool on the child, even in summer!«

Marina Swart


Marina brings the necessary business experience to the Babybox & Family team. She has worked for many years in various management positions in a large corporation, both nationally and internationally. As the Mother of Business & Fashion, she takes care of all business-related topics and the further development of the Babybox & Family. Marina is twice mummy to two sons Noah and Liam. She is a real expert in the field of baby equipment and brings her very personal style to the company with the development of the Babybox Collection. Marina looks for sensible but also sustainable children's clothing for you and gives you lots of mummy tips first-hand. "It's important to me that we not only sell pretty things, but also that they are as pure as the baby itself. That's why we have to look at the entire value chain, which, for example, the wool goes through before it hangs in our store as a piece of clothing . Because if the sheep that provides the wool isn't doing well, then we shouldn't make baby/kids clothes out of it either.”

»You don't need that much at the beginning, but the right thing!«