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Maintaining perineal tears, vaginal tears and the like: The best midwife tips for birth injuries

Childbirth Injuries: One of those things that you're told about in childbirth classes but are never fully prepared for. At least not until it actually happens. Whether perineal tear, episiotomy, abrasions on the vulva. Haemorrhoids or any other large or small injuries in the genital area: Unfortunately, birth injuries are not always avoidable, no matter how well you prepare with sitz baths and perineal massages in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Immense forces are exerted on mom and baby, especially during contractions. It can easily happen that (small) tears or abrasions appear on the vulva, vagina and perineal area. And these can hurt like hell—especially while they're healing. Going to the toilet in particular can be a little agony in the first few days after the birth, because urine burns like crazy in the injured areas. That's why we've put together our top 5 mom and midwife tips on how to best support the healing of your birth injuries. Fortunately, the sensitive tissue in the genital area heals really well - of course in combination with a lot of rest and lying down in the early confinement, because that also supports the healing process!

Proper care for perineal tears and the like: This really helps with birth injuries


You wouldn't believe how good a sitz bath with soothing herbs and salts can be - like a complete makeover of your perineal area! We love the sitz bath from the pharmacy in the train station, it's hard to imagine doing without it in Sissi's midwife's bag. Alternatively, a sitz bath can be made with Dead Sea bath salts, which are available in any drugstore or pharmacy. This is also very beneficial and promotes wound healing. In addition, some calendula essence can be added.

Sitz bath Postpartum

Pharmacy station

sitz bath


Flushing the irritated perineal area while you're on the toilet is a great way to make the burning a little more bearable. Simply pouring water into a small vessel can work wonders. It is even better to use a mixture with a little calendula essence for rinsing. This relieves the burning sensation and promotes wound healing. The sitz bath is also suitable for rinsing, a small teaspoon is enough for the mixture. Tip: The most practical are Peri Bottles, which were made exactly for this, or a Happy Po Po shower. A small jug or even a glass will do, if necessary!


Perhaps the best gift for every new mum: Our Recover Spray, because it's simply a highlight for a somewhat damaged perineal area after childbirth. You can use the spray several times a day, also in between - it cools, relieves swelling and promotes wound healing. And it's incredibly productive - even after confinement, the Recover Spray can be used to treat irritation in the intimate area. Or, if you are already plagued by water retention during pregnancy : A few splashes on heavy legs will help immediately!

Into Life

Recover spray


This little bottle can do a lot not only in a sitz bath, but also in a dry place you can use calendula essence. Simply dilute with water as recommended by the manufacturer and spread generously on the maternity bed mats, then pop it in the freezer! The best thing to do here is to use a designated freezer box to still keep the pads as sterile as possible. Every time you change bindings you can then take a new one out of the freezer: that feels so good! The cool liquid reduces swelling and promotes wound healing. It is important to use templates or bandages that do not have adhesive strips - for example those from the health food store or as a souvenir from the hospital.

#mamahack : All of this not only helps with birth injuries, but also with larger and smaller ailments of your baby. The calendula essence is great for cleaning the remains of your baby's umbilical cord. The Recover Spray is not only a blessing for you, but also great for irritation in the diaper area. The same goes for the sitz bath – great for dabbing at a sore butt or the onset of diaper thrush in babies! After all, products that can be used for more than one occasion are our favourites!


Give it some air! Maybe not the very first idea that would come to your mind, after all, the flow of the week should not be underestimated. Still, air is one of the best things you can do to your vulva and perineal area during childbirth. Laying down for half an hour every day while the baby is sleeping and you can just concentrate on yourself can do you a lot of good - even if it may feel weird at first. Don't forget a towel underneath!

And otherwise: With a little patience and a lot of rest, most injuries should heal within a short time. If this is not the case, you can make an appointment at any time before your follow-up appointment with your gynecologist or in the clinic where you gave birth and have everything checked again - don't let that unsettle you, because you know your body best!

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