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Checklist for initial equipment: what you really need and what you really don't

At the same time the most beautiful, but also probably the most overwhelming topic when it comes to the baby in your belly: the initial equipment! There are about as many opinions on this as there are guides, and really everyone says something different. We think: That doesn't have to be the case, because it really doesn't take much at the beginning - but the right thing is absolutely necessary.

On average, newborns weigh between 3,200g and 3,600g when they are born - the perfect size is 50/56. In size you should have little but suitable clothing so that your baby is comfortable. Do you already know ourchecklist for download ? Here we have again differentiated between spring and summer babies as well as autumn and winter babies - because of course there are special requirements depending on the weather that your baby's clothes should meet!

This is the minimum equipment for the first 8 weeks with baby - if and what you need more will be seen as soon as your baby is here. Maybe you want to (have to) wash your laundry a little less often or just realize that you'd rather change your baby's clothes more often - that's all okay, of course! But in principle no baby needs a full closet with 20 bodies, 30 pants and various chic outfits.

From our experience, 2-3 outfit options are actually enough for the first time with a baby. In general, we prefer wool in the colder months, while nothing beats wool & silk in the warmer months - but one thing is clear: wool is always the right choice and the best thing to dress your baby.

Baby's initial equipment - checklist:

Size 50/56

size 62


Initial equipment checklist: What you really need

And otherwise?

There are a few important things you should know when it comes to your newborn's clothes. None of this is rocket science and you will of course get to know your baby best during this time, but let's be honest: the first few days of childbirth are exciting enough! It can be quite a relief to have a few tips at hand:


Yes, babies grow incredibly fast in the first few weeks and you won't be able to wear the tiny little bodysuits in size 50 or 56 for very long. That's why we always advise not to buy too many of them. Nevertheless, it is important not to buy everything in one size larger in order to have something of it for longer. Bodysuits have to fit well - especially at the beginning, but also later - in order to fulfill their functionality and to keep the baby properly warm. After all, these are your baby's underwear!

Initially, as long as the navel has not yet healed, we generally recommend cotton bodysuits, as they can also be washed hot if blood is contaminated by the remains of the umbilical cord. But you can also put on wool & silk bodysuits right from the start, because gall soap (perhaps the most important tip when it comes to baby clothes!) really removes almost all dirt from clothes - even wool or wool & silk. It is important not to let the stains dry for too long!


Crazy, right? This is exactly why we recommend almost exclusively clothing made of wool & silk or wool, especially at the beginning. Yes, even in summer! Because these natural materials help your baby to regulate its temperature - because it can't do that itself at first.

Important: Even if you probably sweat an awful lot in childbirth due to the hormone breakdown and will have a slightly different perception of heat (unfortunately not only in midsummer), this does not mean that your baby is also too warm. It is therefore always important to dress warmly – even at 30 degrees!

Our tip and rule of thumb: Your baby always needs one layer more than you!


Especially with the first baby, we like to recommend starting with swaddling bodies. This makes it much easier to put on and take off, as you can simply put your baby in the clothes and don't have to bend your arms like you would with normal bodysuits until they sit properly in the sleeves. You should avoid everything that has to be pulled over your head at the beginning - that's just unnecessary stress!


While bodysuits should always be nice and snug, cardigans – especially thicker ones – can be bought one size larger. So they can grow with them and the oversize look at the beginning is simply cute. Just turn it inside out and it will fit - for a really long time!

In this sense: Happy Shopping! We hope these tips give you something of the — perfectly normal! – can take uncertainty. And if you have already bought or received a lot more than what is on our list: Don't worry, it's not that bad either. Nevertheless, when it comes to initial equipment, the following applies more than ever: less is more and it is perfectly fine to (first of all) buy a little less!

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